Therapy for children with ASD

The role of a speech pathologist in assisting the development of children with an ASD is crucial. Speech Pathologists are the experts in supporting children to reach their full potential with regards to social interaction and communication. Similarly, they play an important role in developing the skills and knowledge of families and carers to help children with ASD overcome the difficulties they face in these areas. 

At Words In Motion Speech Pathology we focus on using a child's motivators, strengths and interests as the starting point for interaction and shared enjoyment. Our motto is, after all, "putting interaction into action!". 

For children who have strong language skills there is still an important role for Speech Pathologists, as these children often still need support to develop their ability to relate to others, particularly children who are around the same age as they are. 

We are also able to teach the use of a range of visual systems for communication (e.g. Aided Language Displays) for children with limited verbal communication. An individualised therapy program is tailored to meet a child's needs.

No two children with Autism Spectrum Disorder are the same, so intervention programs are designed to suit the needs of the child, as well as their environment, which includes the people who assist them every day (parents, siblings, teachers, etc). 

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