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Constanze Rinner is a certified practising member of Speech Pathology Australia, who completed a Post-Graduate Degree in Speech and Language Therapy at Canterbury Christ Church University in England. She commenced her work as a speech pathologist working for the National Health Service in the UK, where she gained experience in working with pre-school children in a busy Early Years clinic setting, as well as in a number of mainstream primary schools. She has experience in assessing and working with children with a range of communication difficulties, including speech, language and fluency disorders and selective mutism. 

Constanze has completed additional professional development courses including ‘Makaton: Key Word Signing’, ‘The Lidcombe Program of Early Stuttering Intervention’, ‘Cued Articulation’ & ‘Selective Mutism: Children Who Can Talk, But Don’t’ and ‘Derbyshire Language Scheme Training’. Her special clinical interest lies in stuttering. She also has experience in delivering workshops on speech and language development, as well as fluency disorders to parents and education staff and enjoys working jointly with parents/carers and other professionals to achieve the best outcomes for each individual client.   

Constanze loves working with children and building unique working relationships with families, enjoys providing evidence based, fun therapy and is also partial to playing pop-up pirate and singing nursery rhymes. In her spare time she enjoys running and skiing, as well as baking and eating cake.

Getty graduated with a Bachelor of Applied Science (Psychology, Honours) at RMIT University in 2015. She enjoyed her subjects related to developmental psychology which lead her to complete a Master of Speech Pathology at Latrobe University. She is currently a member of Speech Pathology Australia and works as a Certified Practising Speech Pathologist.

Getty has had a variety of experience from placements, including in a clinic setting and a special developmental school. She has gained experience in providing assessment and therapy for children with language impairments, speech sound disorders, literacy difficulties, Autism Spectrum Disorder and Intellectual Disabilities. She has also done volunteer work at several other schools providing speech and language screening, and intervention for literacy difficulties.

Getty enjoys being a speech pathologist for children as she can use her creativity to plan and provide sessions. She loves getting to know her clients and working with their families to establish relationships that create positive change. In her spare time she enjoys reading, walking her dog, and spending time with family and friends.

Helen Eldershaw moved from country NSW to Melbourne to complete her Masters of Speech Pathology degree at La Trobe University. She has developed a passion for working with children with a range of communication difficulties; particularly speech sound difficulties, Autism Spectrum Disorder, intellectual disability, literacy difficulties and language delay. Helen also has a particular interest in the assessment and diagnosis of speech and language disorders.

Helen has spent all of her working career to date in various private practice settings, having experience fulfilling contracts in local schools as well as caseloads in the clinic setting. Helen enjoys involving all the people in a child's life including their family members, teachers, or other professionals in the therapy process.

She views building relationships with children and their families as paramount, which is a perfect fit in the WIM team with this shared philosophy. She loves to make the child feel comfortable and confident by having fun and giving lots of positive praise. Helen strives to always deliver goal-directed and individualised therapy.

Jos op 't Hoog completed the Bachelor of Health Sciences/Masters of Speech Pathology degree at LaTrobe University in 2014. After completing some post-graduation travel, he volunteered at Port Melbourne Special School, working with individuals with significant communication difficulties.  Jos then moved on to the Department of Education and Training in Footscray, working in a multidisciplinary team for the Department of Education, servicing Primary, Secondary and Special schools in the Hobsons Bay area.

Jos has worked in the assessment and intervention of children with speech, language, literacy and social communication difficulties. He also has experience working with individuals with a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder and those with an Intellectual Disability. 

Jos enjoys working with children and took up his role at Words In Motion Speech Pathology in August of 2018 with the hope of improving the quality of life for individuals and their families. His warm and friendly nature means that he quickly establishes rapport with children and makes therapy the place to be! He is a registered Certified Practising Speech Pathologist and member of Speech Pathology Australia. Outside of speech pathology, Jos plays football for St Mary's Salesian Amateur Football Club in Glen Iris. He also enjoys travelling and spending time with his family and friends.

Kamini Jaganathan is a Certified Practising Member of Speech Pathology who is a strong advocate for early intervention and family-centred care. She completed a Master of Speech Pathology at Curtin University in 2011 and has since worked in a variety of settings such as hospitals, community organisations, schools, homes and clinics. Kamini enjoys working with families of different ethnicity and cultural backgrounds.

Kamini has extensive experience in working with children with a diverse range of diagnoses. She believes in providing evidence-based intervention to help children communicate to the best of their abilities, and continually ensures that families are confident in supporting their child’s interaction, speech and language development. She is passionate about working with children with Autism and has a long-standing interest in paediatric feeding and fussy eating therapy.

Kamini is dedicated to lifelong learning and has completed a range of professional training including Hanen (It Takes Two to Talk and More Than Words), Talk Tools, Sound Reasoning and Childhood Apraxia of Speech (Caroline Bowen), and Key Word Signing. Most recently, Kamini completed specialized training programs in Infant and Paediatric Feeding Essentials, and Orofacial Myology.

For Kamini, the best reward of her profession is the excited smiles on parent’s faces when their child makes a milestone achievement in the session. Her warm smile and friendly nature, paired with her bag of tricks, are her ‘secrets’ in building a strong rapport with her clients and their families.

Katherine Anderson completed a bachelor of Speech Pathology at La Trobe University in 2006 and is a certified practising member of Speech Pathology Australia. She has dedicated her career to supporting children with an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and has spent close to a decade working in an educational setting with primary school aged children. She enjoys working closely with a team of professionals, including occupational therapists, music therapists, psychologists and teachers to achieve holistic communication outcomes for students. She is skilled in the use of a range of strategies that are known to be effective in helping children with an ASD to develop communication, play and social skills; including Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS), Aided Language Displays (ALDs), social stories, visual schedules and Alternative and Augmentative Communication systems. Katherine has completed a range of additional professional training including PECS training, Hanen (It Takes Two To Talk), SOS (Sequential Oral Sensory) Feeding Therapy, ‘Learn to Play’ and Key Word Signing.

Katherine delights in working with children of all ages and in various stages of their communication journey and she finds great joy in seeing a child realise the power of communication. Since having a young family herself, Katherine has a deeper understanding of family life and how to best to use daily routines to embed many communication, language and play opportunities. Katherine enjoys working directly one on one with children, building relationships with families, getting to know their stories and building on their expert knowledge of their child.

Natalliya is a certified practising member of Speech Pathology Australia who completed her Speech Pathology degree at Australian Catholic University. Natalliya has always had a passion for helping others in need and often volunteered within the local community with disadvantaged children. She particularly enjoyed volunteering at Fitzroy North Primary School, working alongside teachers to develop and deliver a phonics-based literacy program which aims to improve student’s reading and writing skills. This experience inspired Natalliya to pursue a career in speech pathology.

Natalliya has had a diverse clinical experience in providing speech pathology services across speech, language, voice and swallowing domains for both adults and children. She has had experience working with children with Intellectual Disabilities, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Down syndrome and Cerebral Palsy, within hospitals and school settings.

Natalliya is passionate about providing therapy that is child-centred and enjoys working alongside children and their families. She aims to make therapy individualised and enjoyable for both children and their parents. In her sessions, Natalliya makes sure to include a child’s interests, whether that may be playing with cars, bubbles or puzzles, to name a few! Her favourite thing about her job is being a part of a child’s journey and seeing them achieve their communication goals both within the clinic and in everyday life. In Natalliya’s spare time, she enjoys spending quality time with family and friends, reading, going to her local cinema and taking her dog for walks along the beach.

Olivia Daquino completed her Bachelor of Applied Science/Master of Speech Pathology degree at LaTrobe University in 2018 and is a Certified Practicing member of Speech Pathology Australia. Through university and volunteer opportunities, Olivia has developed an interest in working with children of all ages and with a variety of needs.

Olivia is passionate about providing therapy that is transferable to the home and school/kinder environments, as she has a keen interest in the relationship between speech/ language and education outcomes. Olivia loves getting creative with her therapy sessions, making them engaging and fun for all involved, herself included! In her spare time, Olivia loves exploring different cultures through travel and practicing her baking skills. 

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