Words In Motion Speech Pathology


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Welcome to Words In Motion Speech Pathology, a private paediatric speech pathology clinic. We are a team of passionate and dedicated speech pathologists located in the heart of Caroline Springs, in the Western Suburbs of Melbourne.

We offer a range of speech therapy services for children (from 18 months to 13 years) and their families. This includes:

        - assessment / diagnosis

        - individual therapy

        - planning and programming

        - up-skilling for families and other communication partners

We provide expert knowledge and support to assist with all areas of communication and social development, including speech, language, literacy, fluency and play skills.

We believe that communication starts with interaction, and our desire is for children to have successful interactions and to have fun in the process!

As such, we utilise a play-based and family focused approach to therapy. Every child is unique, hence every program is personalised.

As part of providing an individualised service we offer sessions both onsite in our clinic and offsite in homes and the community as appropriate (including child care centres, kindergartens and schools).

For further information about our experience and the range of quality services we provide, please see our About Us Page.

We welcome your enquiries regarding our services. Please contact us.

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